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Area 51 / Groom Lake Image Library

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Satelite Picture of Area 51
Warning, No Tresspassing Sign
A different view of the signs
Map of Area 51
Another Map of Area 51
Fence Around Area 51
The Red-Stripe AirLine Terminal
One of the Red-Stripe AirPlanes
Bird's eye view of Janet Terminal
Another View of the Janet Terminal
MH-60G "Pave Hawk" Special Operations Helicopter
DarkStar Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Another picture of the DarkStar
Information on the DarkStar
MOV File of the DarkStar 3.5 Mega Bytes
AVI File of the DarkStar 6.5 Mega Bytes
Project SunTan
Picture of Area 51 from the mailbox
Wreckage of a C-54 at the 11,300 level of the south slope of Mt. Charleston. The plane crashed on 11/17/55 enroute from Burbank to Groom Lake, killing all 14 of the U-2 workers aboard.
Picture of the "Cammo Dudes"
Aurora AirCraft Pictures:
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Animated View
UFO Pictures: Picture of a UFO over AREA 51
Another not-so-good picture of a UFO over AREA 51